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About Red Moon Labradors


To start with, I am wild about Labradors, both Show and Field.  My personal favorite are yellow Labradors, every shade of yellow. I tend to most often be drawn to the dark shade often called Fox Red. I think it is because of all of the red heads in my family and how I have longed for red hair. Mother, Brother, Bob, Son, I was surrounded by red heads.  

How did I become "RED MOON LABRADORS". I had been wanting to have a “kennel name” for some time and I thought this would be the perfect way to honor my two foundation Labradors. Annie’s Ruby Red. Ruby was my first female Labrador. Ruby was a dark red female and an absolute joy and honor to have as part of my life. Everyone loved Ruby.  She was the head of the pack and knew it. She was “mother” to the end watching over the pack with a quiet presence.  She was always watching and making sure that everyone was behaving. Every day she reminded me why I love Labs so much. Her unconditional love was ever present, always by my side, and looking for a way to please.  She was there for me in a way only a “best friend” could be after the loss of my husband. Wilson’s Dew Drake of Moon River was the “man” of the house. In Wilson’s whole life all he wanted to do was to please you. He was so smart and seemed to have a sense of what you wanted and was always ready to do it. When it came to hunting and retrieving he was ALL business, otherwise he was such a clown. He would make you laugh just watching his zest for life. (He did bark too too much, but we won’t talk about that.)

This whole love affair with Labradors started out as Bob’s passion. I was just along for the ride …..or so I thought. Bob had owned various hunting dogs all his life. Once he hunted under the flexibility of a Labrador, he never owned another breed. As Bob came closer to retirement he wanted to raise and train Pointing Labradors. He was so impressed with their “all around”  ability. At our home Bob was the “Doctor Doolittle” of dogs. I don’t think Bob ever met a dog that he did not love. Next to his family, I believe that his hunting dogs were the single most important source of joy in his life. I used to tease him and say ” If you bring one more dog home, I am moving under a bridge.” Of course he knew I wouldn’t. He knew that they’d all become my “babies.” Spoiled as they are, I could never imagine my life without their constant love & companionship. As the dogs began passing on too, I knew they would leave a big hole in my life.  I now KNOW that they are my passion as well. They begin my day with a waging tails and lots of love. They give me a sense of purpose and well being. I give them love and a forever home. I can only hope to deserve ALL they give me back. I have heard a saying that goes something like this - I would only hope to be half the person my dog believes me to be then I would be an amazing person. 

Once I had only 3 Labradors, and knew I wouldn’t be having any more puppies, I couldn’t stand it. It was as if another large part of my life had been lost. I had always been the “puppy person” in the house. I sure wasn’t ready for that part of my life to be missing.  Having puppies is somewhat like having Christmas twice. The first Christmas comes when they are born, you get to see each pup and welcome it into the world. The second Christmas comes when the puppies go to their forever homes. You can hardly wait for each new family to pick up their puppy and see how happy they are. Luckily, I could & have done, something to change that. Now have all my “girls” under my feet and I’m back to sweeping and mopping way too much. The “love” I get in return could never be too much. I soak it all in and feel so grateful they are here.

As with all stories…the end is never really the end. After being widowed for so many years I have once again been blessed to have married the most wonderful man. His name is Don and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have met him. He has embraced both my family and my crazy dog world with both arms. He makes our world click together with so easily it is amazing.

I hope that you will find your “new best friend” here, or with one of the other Labrador families that I know and trust.

For The Love Of Hunting
Hunting and dogs were my husband’s passion. In fact, our second date was to cover a duck blind. I always believed it was a test, that I am happy to say I passed. Bob could not remember a time in his life that he did not hunt. I have pictures of him with a dog by his side, a shot gun in one hand and a duck in the other. In the background of the picture was a clothes line with diapers flying in the breeze. Bob always remembered taking off school the first day of hunting season, as long as he was in school. Grade school, High school, College.  Even when it came to the surgery that he needed to save his life, we had to wait until he had his two weeks off for hunting season.  I was so frightened, but he would hear none of it. I am very thankful Bob had that last hunting season. In the end that very surgery is what cost Bob his life. You see he got a staff infection after surgery and passed away.  He was a wonderful Husband, Father, Friend. I was the most blessed woman to have had  Bob as part of my life . I want to carry on with the dogs as part of his legacy. It is after all what I love.
Bob with Slim, his favorite dog.
Kandi Steinle Merhroff 
Red Moon Labradors
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